While one of the times we look for air conditioning service is during AC installation, other occasions might require expert air conditioning repair. If your AC is leaking, then it is in dire need of air conditioning repair. Here are some common ways by which AC units can leak:

  1. If one of the water carrying tubes is leaking, then you will see a pool at the base of the air handler. One reason why that might be happening is a blockage in the flowing water’s path. Another reason could be a faulty condensate pump.
  2. If you want to test whether the pump is at fault, you can do so by pouring water into its collector. If the pump does not start after the water is poured into it, then it is the problem.
  3. A broken pump will need to be replaced:
  4. A pump that is stuck will need to be disconnected and cleaned out thoroughly. In order to kill algae, you can dilute one part bleach with 16 parts water and pump it out through the tube.
  5. Another thing that might be preventing the pump from running is a stuck check valve. Such a pump will run but won’t empty the trough. To fix it, you will have to unscrew the valve and dislodge the ball .
  6. A large obstruction in the condensation drain tube might be the reason for the blockage. Try cleaning it by blowing the algae out. If that does not work, you might have to remove the pipe and replace it.

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