In the heat of midsummer, it is difficult to envision an existence without a functional air conditioner. However, sometimes it so happens that switching it on does not bring any relief even though ostensibly there is nothing wrong with it at all, the remote is functional, the fan is working, and the electric current is fine. The odds are that there might be a leakage somewhere. At this point, you are probably considering ac repair. But it is not necessary that the leakage has to be a refrigerant leak in the AC itself. Rather it could be a problem with the ‘ducting’ in your home or office.

Ducting is a key component of many climate controlled environments unfortunately it seldom gets the attention it deserves. If the ducting is mis-aligned or not placed properly i.e. there are any errors in alignment as well as placement, then the ducts might be prone to leakages and as the cool air would be ‘lost in transit’ so to speak. If this were to happen, you can be sure of higher electricity bills as the AC compressor would attempt to compensate for the loss of cold air by working harder. Moreover, leakages in the ducting system would mean that the cold air is effectively wasted.

Furthermore, if the ducts become clogged with dust and other particles, it would greatly impair the working of the cooling system and therefore, increase the load on your AC’s compressor, effectively forcing it to work harder without delivering the kind of results that you would expect. This could result in a costly ac repair call. This is why it is important for all ducts as well as filters to be cleaned thoroughly at periodic intervals to ensure that cold air passes though without any obstruction to its desired destination.

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