Air Conditioning Installation in your home is definitely ‘not’ a DIY (Do it yourself) project unless you are a duly qualified ac service technician.

Once you have made up your mind to get Air Conditioning installation in your premises, it is time to call in the professionals. Trained and experienced experts would be best able to help and guide you with regards to the location of the indoor as well as outdoor units, ducting issues and placement in such a manner as to optimize cooling.

Air Conditioning Installation of indoor unit

The location selected has to be as far away from direct sunlight and any other heat sources as possible. Otherwise the air would be warmed as soon as it leaves the vents. Once the location has been selected, the mounting plate will be installed.

A hole would be bored close to the mounting plate. That hole would allow the piping to reach the outdoor unit. Once that is done, the indoor unit would be mounted on the inner wall. All pipes (including drainage pipes) should be securely connected and insulated

Air Conditioning Installation of outdoor unit

The outdoor unit must be placed well away from any heavily trafficked, grimy or hot areas or in direct sunlight. The outdoor unit needs 12″ of free space around it to ensure optimum functionality. It should be placed a few inches above the ground, preferably on its own base.

Once it has been secured, it should be linked to the indoor unit which in turn would be connected to the electrical mains. All circuits and wires would be checked and your AC is ready for a trial run.

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