AC repair and installation is a complex process. It includes preparation, technical research, and proper supplies followed by installation and maintenance. The professional AC service provider will calculate the requirement of BTUs by calculating the size of room, height of ceiling, number of people using the room, distance between room and kitchen, and more.

These calculations are important to make the purchase and installation a one-time investment. Buying the correct unit can save you money in the long run.

A professional AC repair and installation service will not only consider proper installation but they will also guide you through the maintenance of your machine. The life of a well-maintained AC is at around 130–150% more than that of a poorly maintained air conditioner.

The Difference in Costs

Unprofessional AC repair and installation may lead to higher energy bills. The cost of a professional AC installation service differs from state to state. In Florida, the costs start from $250 and could be higher. Unprofessional installation may increase the electricity bill up to 55%. Consider that your current electricity bill is $75 per month. The annual cost of the electricity bill is $900. If you add the cost of 55% energy bill in total bill for an unprofessionally installed AC, the total cost of annual energy bill is $1,395. The extra energy bill costs around $495 in this case, which is almost double the cost of professional AC repair and installation.

When choosing a professional AC repair and installation company, make sure to hire a company with technical expertise, market reputation, and authorized licensing like Airmax Heating And Air. The professional service providers know the technical numbers, like a high quality copper Freon pipe of around five meters is required to connect the indoor unit with the outdoor unit. Remember that careful installation of your AC can help you save money in the future.

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