Refilling Refrigerant Gas

It’s a hot summer day and after a very long time you switch on the AC, set the thermostat to the desired level and wait for it to cool the room. But as the seconds turn to minutes, the temperature of your room still remains the same while the AC is working fine (and also ensuring that your electricity meter is running at full speed). You double check everything. Reset the temperature to the desired degree, check your remote just in case you have accidentally switched off the fan while switching on the AC. And everything is fine. The remote has fresh batteries. The AC is also working. Only issue is, the room is simply not getting any cooler!

There may be a very simple reason for that. Your AC might not have any cooling (refrigerant) gas left. Without it, its cooling elements cannot do their job even if all the key components such as condensing unit, evaporator, compressor etc. are fully functional.

There are many reasons for a refrigerant gas leak. But the most common one is lack of usage. Not using an AC for extended periods of time may lead to tiny leaks developing in the system. So, when you do switch it on eventually, you may be in for an unpleasant shock. Either the gas may have leaked totally, or alternately some of it may be circulating in the system but not enough to give the kind of cooling your machine is capable of, on even the hottest days.

In either case, you would have to refuel the leaked gas for your machine to function at its original optimal level because otherwise, the gas that has not yet leaked would do so eventually, leaving your AC functionally useless.

Luckily, it is not a very difficult procedure. Refilling gas simply requires the identification of the leak and refilling your machine with refrigerant gas which is part of the AC service procedure.

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