Air Conditioner Repair | What’s That Buzzing Noise?

Although we all wish our air conditioners whispered as quiet as a G5 jet engine, we know that’s not always the case. Depending on your AC unit’s age, where it was installed, and whether or not you schedule annual air conditioner maintenance, you might notice your air conditioner making a few loud noises—some normal, some bad.

Although some of the noises your air conditioner makes are expected and can be attributed to its normal operation, there are a few sounds that warrant the help of a licensed HVAC professional. If you notice a loud, buzzing noise coming from your air conditioner, chances are your unit is malfunctioning.

Causes of an Air Conditioner’s Buzzing Noise

We admit, your air conditioner will always be quieter than a jet engine. However to some homeowners, a buzzing sound generated by their air conditioner can sound very annoying and become a distraction to you in your home. When your air conditioner begins to make a buzzing sound, call your local air conditioner repair contractor to inspect the following:

  • Malfunctioning compressor – The compressor in your air conditioning unit is the part of your cooling system that works to pressurize and cool the refrigerant in the unit. A buzzing sound means your compressor may not be working properly, or that the electrical voltage flowing through your outdoor air conditioner is not at its correct amperage.
  • Missing or damaged isolation feet – The compressor in your air conditioner is mounted to the base of the AC unit and sits on small rubber feet (called isolation feet). Over time and after continued use, the rubber on the isolation feet sometimes cracks and/or disintegrates, causing the compressor to become unbalanced and causing a loud, buzzing noise when operating.
  • Frozen AC unit – Even though your air conditioning system is meant to be used during the hottest times of the year, AC units often freeze up. Freezing is the result of refrigerant leaks and can cause a buzzing sound to be heard from your unit.
  • Loose parts – Your air conditioning unit is a complex system of moving parts working in sync to cool your home. If a part becomes loose or is missing (e.g. loose bearings), it may cause other parts of your system to suffer from premature wear and cause the buzzing noise you hear.

Other Noises Your Air Conditioner Makes

Just because your air conditioner is making a noise does not necessarily mean you need air conditioner repair. However, if you hear any of the following noises from your air conditioner, it’s best to call a licensed air conditioner repair contractor to inspect your system:

  • Humming
  • Thunking
  • Banging/clanking
  • Rattling
  • Clicking –

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