AC Repair | Choosing the Right Professional

Now what questions should you ask to make sure you choose the right ac repair company?

Are You Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

Although it might seem like a stupid question, it is important to ask! Not all ac repair companies are permitted to work in your area.  You want to make sure that you are getting a knowledgeable and experienced technician sent to your home who is qualified to answer all of your questions.  Being bonded means that the ac repair company is financially backed by a bonding company in the event that a claim is filed. Being insured is also something that is important to ask.  If a worker is hurt on your property, it is important to know that you would not be held liable.  Companies that follow all three of these standards would be more than happy to produce proof so that you can be comfortable with who you are letting into your home.

Can You Provide a Written Estimate?

Another important thing to ask is whether the ac repair technician can provide a written estimate that is detailed with what needs repaired.  The technician needs to physically come to your home in order to see what needs fixed.  There is a difference between suggesting typical prices for repairs over the phone and actually seeing your home’s system in person.  Having a written estimate allows you to understand exactly what ac repairs are being done and at what cost so nothing is changed without you knowing.

Will You Give Me Time to Make a Decision?

A lot of ac repair companies might try to rush you into making a decision as soon as they give you an estimate.  A good technician will respect your desire to get a second opinion.  You should never feel pressured to make a decision right away.

Do You Provide Flexible Hours?

Sometimes when issues happen, it is not during normal business hours.  It is important to know an ac repair company that will come to your home after-hours or on weekends when things go wrong.

Do You Have a Reference?

Again you might think this is a stupid question, but it’s important to hear what others think so you know you can be comfortable with who is working in your home.  They can offer you a truthful opinion of the ac repair services they had completed and help prepare you with what is to be expected on a normal visit. –

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