AC Repair Charleston | Avoid Scams

Is my unit working as well as it should? Does it need a tune-up? More refrigerant? An air conditioning scam can run the gamut from a free inspection that uncovers a problem to a warning about black mold. Here are three tips to avoid some common air conditioning repair scams.

AC repair scam tip #1

If you receive a call from an unknown contractor offering a free inspection, turn them down. The telemarketing call is a tactic used by unscrupulous contractors to gain access to your home. In addition to a telephone call, these ac repair contractors may simply show up at your door claiming that they’re working in your neighborhood.

AC repair scam tip #2

Unscrupulous contractors often offer to do work at super-low prices. The too-good-to-be-true price will involve replacement or repair of expensive equipment. The contractor may claim he’s discovered a broken part. Some even claim they’ve found toxic mold that must be removed. The price given will most likely only be good for a short period of time, making it impossible to get a second opinion. It’s better to pass on that price and get a second opinion. While you may lose out on a good deal, it’s more likely you’ll avoid being scammed.

AC repair scam #3

Avoid overpaying for services. In these cases, the air conditioning repair scam consist of the technician telling the homeowner they need a replacement system when in reality it could be a simple ac repair. The home owner is convinced that the air conditioning repair will be too costly, so they opt for the replacement.

The common thread in all of these tips is to get a second opinion and check out the contractor you’re considering. – Terry,

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