AC Repair Charleston | Horror Stories

If you spend any time scouring the Internet, it’s easy to find ac repair horror stories from homeowners who have made unwitting discoveries about shoddy repairs, installations and additions to ac repair systems attempted by previous homeowners or fly-by-night contractors.  We’ve collected excerpts from some of those stories to share with you here, so that you can commiserate with the homeowners and share their pain from ac repair work gone terribly wrong.  Maybe some of these will sound familiar.

  •  A potential buyer was walking through a house he was interested in buying, when he discovered a wood-burning stove built into the doorway between the living room and dining room.  Curious, he went up to inspect the attic, and found that most of the ac repair ductwork, which had been pieced together years earlier with duct tape, had come apart at almost every joint, and was blowing all of the heat into the attic.  He didn’t buy the house.
  •  Two homeowners got aggravated with the number of times their sewer system backed up and overflowed beneath the house.  When they investigated, they found that someone had installed an open standpipe in the top of the sewer line to install a drain for a furnace dehumidifier.  Tree roots had partially collapsed the sewer drain further downstream, forcing water out of the open pipe every time sewage flow was high.
  •  To save money, a homeowner installed a replacement AC air handling unit in his attic with the help of some friends, and then had another friend charge the system.  Three days later, water started running out of the overhead vents, damaging the ceiling drywall, two pieces of furniture, and a surround-sound stereo receiver.  It seems that the “do-it-yourselfer” forgot to reattach the condensate drain on the new air handler, causing it to fill with water and carry over into the duct work.
  •  Canadian homeowners had their furnace fail in January.  They went with the low-cost bidder for a replacement. Despite promises of two-day delivery and installation, the installation was delayed an additional two days because “the parts didn’t come in.”  When they did the install, the ac repair company technicians put in the wrong size furnace, even after the homeowner pointed out the discrepancy.  In the process, they also tracked dirt and salt into the house, damaging the unprotected mahogany floors.  Five days had passed before the correct furnace was finally installed.  In the meantime, the homeowners had to buy and run expensive space heaters.

HVAC systems require professional installation and ac repair.  Homeowners often find out the hard way that they have neither the skills nor knowledge to effect repairs for themselves.  Work done without the proper ac repair tools or ac repair parts can cost you money in increased energy consumption and potential property damage.  HVAC professionals know the building codes, and a licensed contractor will do the work to spec, and it will be guaranteed.  Always choose a licensed, professional ac repair contractor for your system work. –

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