Air Conditioning Repair | 3 Repair Signs

Volatile temperatures mean that your air conditioner should be working well so you can stay comfortable. If it isn’t, that could mean costly air conditioning repair. The last thing you want to happen on a hot or cold day is have your air conditioner break down, so in order to avoid problems with your system, schedule your AC repair appointment in advance.
Here are some common signs that you may need air conditioning repair.

  1. High utility bill.
    Do you have a general idea of what it costs to cool your home? If not, take a close look at your energy bill and see where costs are being allotted. Do you see a spike in cost when you use your air conditioner more? If so, your system is probably inefficient and as it gets older, it will continue to lose effectiveness. Utility bills that are on the increase should be an indicator that your system needs a check up right away.
  2. Ineffective cooling.
    Your air conditioner may be running, but it may not be working at its peak. Do you notice that certain parts of your home are warmer than others? These “hot spots” shouldn’t be happening with a properly working AC unit, and may indicate that your system is not working at the correct performance level. You may need air conditioning repair, so be sure that you call right away if you are noticing your home isn’t being cooled well.
  3. Loud sounds.
    If your system is making noise, that’s never a great sign. There may be a component or belt that needs to be replaced or there could be something more serious going on inside the unit. Don’t ignore the sounds coming from your air conditioner. This could cause further damage. Instead, you should schedule an appointment right away for AC repair services. Our experienced team knows what to look for and will help you get it up and running again in no time.

Time is of the essence! Don’t wait for your air conditioning unit to break down entirely. Routine maintenance is always a great investment. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

– Brooke Strickland,

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