Air Conditioning Repair | 5 Common Repair Needs

You or your family probably enjoy cominghome to a cool atmosphere that your air conditioner provides. So picture looking forward to that heat relief, only to come home to a hot, humid house with a broken AC unit!

Our AC professionals at Airmax Heating And Air are ready to provide you with any air conditioning repair services. But could the situation described above been avoided all together? Perhaps. To help you prevent an occurrence of this kind, we would like to advise you on 5 common reasons homeowners need air conditioning repair.

  1. Moisture In Your House Where It Doesn’t Belong
    An obscene amount of moisture surrounding your air conditioning unit could mean the refrigerant is leaking, creating a large health risk to you and your family, or the drain tube is broken or blocked. In either case, you need repairs done right away.
  2. Your AC Unit is Making Weird Sounds
    Squealing or grinding noises are not the native sounds of an AC system. If you hear these sounds, you’ll need to get your unit repaired. Don’t procrastinate. Take care of these problems right away before you pay more money fixing them later on when the problem worsens. It might only be something simple to, like a misplaced belt or a simple lube job.
  3. Your AC is Letting Out Stinky Odors
    Bad smells from your AC unit usually indicate burning wire insulation or growing mold. In both cases, you’re putting you house and your family at risk, so get those air conditioning repairs done immediately.
  4. Improper Airflow Throughout Your Home
    Insufficient air flow will cause the evaporator coil’s temperature to drop below freezing and humidity will cause ice to grow on the coil, diminishing your AC unit’s overall cooling capacity.
  5. Bad wiring
    Faulty wiring creates a very risky fire hazard in your home because it’s preventing the system from getting power and will trip the circuit breaker. All this will result in an AC system that can’t show off its cooling capacity.

Make sure to keep your eye out for these scenarios with frequent inspections to help prevent an AC disaster. But if you do need our air conditioning repair services, we’ll take care of them professionally and efficiently.


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