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Air Conditioning Service | Early Fall Tips

It seems like summer burns hottest right before fall begins! Then once fall starts, cold mornings and nights don’t stop the mercury from creeping over the 80 degree line in the afternoon. Switching your air conditioning unit from off to full blast throughout the day with the sporadic weather changes can take a toll on your air conditioner – and your energy bill. Here are our air conditioning service tips for transitioning from round-the-clock air conditioning use to more occasional use.

Program your thermostat.

Adjusting the thermostat umpteen times a day is as un-efficient for your air conditioning system as it is for you. If your thermostat is programmable, select whatever time you absolutely need your air conditioner to come on along with a time you can have it shut off for the day. Many people like their homes to be cooler at night anyway. If that’s you, you’ll probably find that you don’t need to turn your heat on when the nighttime temperature initially starts to dip.

Use those ceiling fans.

If you really want to use your central heat to ward off the morning chill, utilize an electric fan or your home’s built-in ceiling fans to cool the inside air in the afternoon. By circulating the air, you get much more from your air conditioning. A more permanent solution could be a whole house fan. A whole house fan fixture is installed in your attic and draws cool air into your home through the windows while forcing hot air out through vents.

Take advantage of the “automatic” feature.

If your thermostat has an automatic setting, the air should only come on when the heat in your home goes over a certain temperature. In the fall, you can keep that temperature a little lower than in the summer and still find your monthly air conditioning bill more affordable than it was in August. Similar in concept to clever thermostat programming, which probably makes use of your thermostat’s automatic settings anyway, the auto feature will prevent you from having to constantly adjust your air throughout the day.

Get cozy bedding.

It may sound low-tech but it sure is effective! If your air conditioning leaves your home too cold at night, just layer on an extra blanket until it’s really time for your heater to kick in. Fleece and flannel will trap heat in and keep your warm the night through. Natural materials like wool, cotton and down will keep you warm without overheating you. – atlantaaircare.com

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