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Why Is My House So Humid?


Homeowners in South Carolina are familiar with the high heat and humidity that living on the coast brings. No one is surprised when humidity starts becoming a problem, but when it is not being managed properly inside your home, the risk of mold and mildew growth increases. High humidity inside your home also creates bad

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Four Tips to Increase AC Efficiency


Everyone in the world is under financial stress and rising utility bills never help. Many people in Charleston have their HVAC systems running for most of the year whether it is to reduce humidity, cool, or sometimes heat their home. If you want to decrease your utility bills while keeping your home comfortable all year

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4 Ways to Improve Your AC Performance


In South Carolina, keeping your AC performance top-notch is important because although the temperatures do drop a bit in the winter, humidity and comfort are always a concern year around. Most homeowners only remember to check their air filter during the winter months and forget about the other maintenance they should be doing. Hiring an

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Basic Air Conditioning Service You Can Perform Yourself


Homeownership is a large investment that can create significant monthly bills. Along with the mortgage, property tax, and homeowner’s insurance, the maintenance you must have done on your home and systems can often be surprising and something homeowners are not prepared to deal with. One of the most expensive systems in your home is the

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Air Conditioning Service in Charleston | How to Lower Your Electric Billl


One of the most dreaded parts about summer is the increase in your electric bill due to running the air conditioning. Some people experience considerable increases in the hundreds of dollars in the large, colonial homes that still exist all over Charleston, especially if they have drafty windows or poor insulation. If you haven’t already

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