Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair
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Air Conditioning Repair | Charleston

AIRMAX thrives on problem solving.  When your cooling equipment fails to meet expectation, costs too much to operate, or sounds or smells unpleasant, count on our NATE-certified technicians to provide prompt, reliable and professional assistance.  A courteous and helpful member of our team will answer your call and immediately focus on resolving your difficulty.  Our service crew will do what it takes to get your equipment in peak working order and return your home to enjoyable comfort.  We are knowledgeable in all makes and models, and have the factory training and experience to identify problems and address them quickly.  Whether the most economical course of action is simple cleaning, replacement parts, or a full system upgrade, we’ll keep you informed, discuss options and make recommendations with your best interest as our priority.  We’re not looking to take advantage of your situation or make a quick sale.  We’ve built our family business on long-term, satisfied customers.

Once you’ve invested in the unmatched rewards of an efficient cooling system, suffering through a long sticky night without it is unacceptable.  When you find yourself in that unpleasant situation, call on the experts from [name] for 24-hour/7 day emergency service.  We offer round the clock, round the calendar assistance, dedicating our full resources, focus and experience to the prompt and satisfying completion of your project.  We tackle any cooling related problem, and work on any make or model, regardless of age or where you bought it.  If it cools your home, chances are we’ve seen and fixed it before.

Quick & Effective A/C Repair in Charleston | North Charleston

We never underestimate the value of your time.  Our NATE-certified technicians won’t leave you waiting, wondering, and wasting your entire day.  We arrive within the stated timeframe, dressed in uniform, and equipped to handle a wide range of regular and rare difficulties, striving to complete the job in one house call.  We see to all the details that translate into getting the job done right the first time.  Nothing is more disruptive or expensive than fixing something twice.  To that end, we not only repair your immediate difficulty, but troubleshooting to prevent a new batch of problems down the road.  With a little extra attention, we have your system running smoothly, efficiency, quietly, and reliably.

You may think that since your air conditioner was working fine at the end of last summer, and all it did over the winter was sit idle, it should be ready to handle the coming summer without a problem.  You’d be wrong.  You might get an unpleasant surprise when you adjust your thermostat to combat the summer heat, and nothing happens.  Or maybe you’re confronted with noisy operation, temperature swings, or leakage.  Unfortunately, even when your system isn’t active, dirt and contaminants can infiltrate the system.  Dust, pollen, dander, plant matter, vermin, insects, mold, mildew and fungi are some of the unpleasant occupants concealed within a split system.  Not only do they result in major health concerns by contaminating your indoor air, they reduce your equipment’s capacity to absorb heat, transfer air, and provide satisfactory cooling.  Numerous problems can result.  Most of them can be resolved through cost-effective, professional cleaning.

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Don’t wait to call for repair service.  Issues caused by contaminants within the system can quickly graduate into complex problems that compromise the entire unit.  You may face extensive water and property damage, costly repair bills, or even complete equipment failure.  The sooner you call [name], the better.  By offering flexible hours, arriving promptly, delivering quick turnaround, and quality workmanship, we guarantee a rewarding experience.

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