Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service
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Air Conditioning Service

AIRMAX has built a reputation for going the extra mile to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.  Through comprehensive maintenance, AIRMAX protects your cooling equipment from wear and tear, lowered efficiency, and deteriorating performance.  When you call on our NATE-certified technicians for service, you’re trusting us with the consistent and safe operation of your equipment.  Your safety and comfort are our priority.  Completed by the licensed professionals from AIRMAX, annual tuning, adjustment and cleaning promote longer and more reliable cooling, as well as a comfortable, healthy home.

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As expectations for dependable comfort and reduced energy consumption are answered, cooling technology becomes increasingly more complex.  These innovative systems depend on components that are clean and free from faults.  Even a minor issue with a single part can adversely affect the whole system, resulting in repairs, polluted indoor air quality, and moisture damage.  The perfect time to schedule service is in the spring, before you count on your air conditioner for intense use.  Our team of experienced technicians will draw from their practical experience and knowledge, boosting efficiency, lengthening service life, and identifying potential problems.

Routine A/C Service

Seasonal air conditioning service is the most economical and established means of reducing the likelihood of repairs, total system failure, and high utility bills.  Through professional cleaning, inspection and testing, AIRMAX promotes safe and uninterrupted performance.  Our NATE-certified servicemen will check for possible refrigerant levels, optimum system noise, electrical connections, condensate drainage, voltage, blower assembly, thermostat, evaporator and condenser coils, pulleys, belts and ductwork.  By way of cleaning and the most advanced tools, we will prevent and remove the growth of mildew and fungus that thrives in the damp environment within the system.

Over time, HVAC systems are infiltrated by dust, insects and organic debris.  Pollen, dirt, and lint can meld together in a grayish mat that clogs coils, diminishing air transfer and possibly even freezing condensate.  While these problems directly affect your wallet, it is easier to neglect possible damage to your health and wellbeing. Polluted cooling systems have been linked to respiratory tract infections, flu-like symptoms, nausea, and asthma.  When airflow is slowed, the system loses the capacity to efficiently cool and provide dehumidification.  As components struggle to answer demands, they will eventually fail.  Operating a system without annual maintenance is actually more expensive than the cost of the air conditioning service.

The Charleston Air Conditioning Service Experts

AIRMAX is a family owned and operated HVAC contractor.  Our properly trained technicians demonstrate their extensive knowledge of heating and cooling installation, maintenance, and repair through industry-recognized core and specialty exams.  Our technicians are not commision-based, so you know you are getting the best service without the sales pitch.  When you call AIRMAX for annual service in Charleston and throughout the low country, we put our resources to work for you, extending system life, minimizing disruption to your comfort, improving efficiency, and ensuring safe operation.  You’ll enjoy a cleaner, healthier more comfortable environment to live and work.


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