AIRMAX Service Plans

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Disclaimer: Limited Time Offer – Certain Restrictions Apply.

Minimizing Costs and Increasing Efficiency with AIRMAX Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Plans—Charleston, SC

When you are ready to get serious about cutting costs and ensuring your HVAC systems are running optimally, AIRMAX’s air conditioning and heating maintenance plans are designed to meet your service needs in the Charleston SC area. Our certified technicians can work closely with you to come up with a comprehensive plan designed to keep your heating and cooling system in peak condition.

Running your HVAC system is a significant expense, and with the right air conditioning and heating maintenance plans customers can stretch those utility dollars while keeping their homes nice and cool, even during the hottest weeks of summer.

AIRMAX Offers Full-Scale Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance Plans

To gain a better understanding of the comprehensive services available through AIRMAX Service Plans, take a look at the services included:

HVAC Service Agreement Inspection—Conducted Two Times per Year in the Spring and Fall

  • Verify operation of thermostat and calibrate as needed.
  • Wash or replace standard filters.
  • Cycle unit on; check temperature and humidity at supply vents and return grilles.
  • Check indoor fan for proper clearance, balance and cleanliness.
  • Check operation of strip heaters. Test safeties.
  • Test emergency pan switch. Adjust as needed.
  • Inspect entire condensate drain and clear trap.
  • Check Delta Temperature across evaporator coil.
  • Clean drain pan, add algaecide and verify proper drainage.
  • Clean indoor coil as needed.
  • Check voltage to outdoor unit.
  • Check outdoor amps.
  • Oil outdoor fan, check for proper clearance and balance.
  • Check refrigeration levels for proper charge, as needed.
  • Check compressor amps. Run/Start/Common.
  • Take amperage reading of crankcase heater.
  • Check for proper defrost operation. Note time setting.
  • Check conditioning of wires at the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Tighten all electrical connections.
  • Inspect all contractors for integrity and proper operation.
  • Wash outdoor coil, as needed.
  • Cycle test operation of system.
  • Check condition of all accessible ductwork. Note any leaks / concerns.

Contact us to learn more about the air conditioning and heating maintenance plans AIRMAX Service Plans offers. Whether you live in Charleston SC, Summerville, Mt. Pleasant, Kiawah and Seabrook Islands, Goose Creek, or Moncks Corner, we will be there when you need us most.