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American Standard Heating & Cooling: Replacement & Repair Near Charleston, SC

With so many brands of HVAC systems on the market, how do you choose which one is right for your home? At AirMax Heating & Air, we make it easy for you. Because we stock the brands we know to be the best available, we proudly carry American Standard HVAC systems.

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Why American Standard HVAC Systems?

When it comes to HVAC systems, you want one that will stand the test of time while delivering superior heating and cooling. American Standard is known for its durability and dependability, two qualities you need in an HVAC system in Charleston, SC.

American Standard vs. Other Brands

American Standard previously had more than 12 HVAC models on the market, but over the last decade, they consolidated them to 7 models. The beauty of this is that they have taken the best features from the lot and now make a tight range of flawless systems.

The Benefits of an American Standard

The solid and dependable HVAC systems made by American Standard are more affordable than other brands of a similar standard. Every unit is rigorously tested to ensure you receive the quality you are paying for.

The following benefits come with each American Standard HVAC system.


Consumers keep choosing American Standard because of its reliability. Their systems undergo rigorous testing, which ensures they will be reliable and able to do their job in temperature extremes.


With American Standard HVAC systems, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Considering the functionality and longevity of each system, you certainly get a lot for your money.

Air Quality

As so much of our time is spent indoors, American Standard is highly aware of the importance of air quality. Their HVAC units have humidifiers, ventilators, and superior air filters to keep the air in your home as clean as possible. 


American Standard is focused on systems that are energy efficient and tailored for you. Your local HVAC technician will inspect your home or office and recommend an HVAC unit that is the correct size and installed in the best location to deliver you affordable comfort.  


American Standard offers HVAC systems with smart thermostat technology. This allows you to control your thermostat from your smartphone regardless of where you are. 

We have no doubt that when you invest in an American Standard HVAC, your air conditioning installation will provide you with years of cool comfort in Charleston, SC. 

Special Qualities or Features

American Standard HVAC units were designed to suit the heating and cooling needs of the extreme climates across the country. Because they are so durable, they will function seamlessly in both the brutally cold climates of the north and the searing heat of the south. 

The HVAC Platinum series is known for being particularly quiet and highly efficient, and all American Standard HVAC systems that are installed by professional technicians are reported to need fewer repairs than other brands. Their smaller systems are ideal for tiny homes and smaller properties, which can be hard to source in other brands. 

Types of Systems We Install

American Standard makes a range of products to meet your heating and cooling requirements. We are your local HVAC technicians specializing in HVAC installation in Charleston, SC. We install the following.

Air Conditioning Systems

AirMax Heating & Air will provide a superior air conditioning installation in your home or office. American Standard air conditioners are reliable and energy-efficient. For central air conditioning installation that you can count on, contact AirMax Heating & Air today.

HVAC Systems

We will inspect your property and advise you on the best HVAC system for you. Every property has different needs and it’s vital to have the HVAC unit sized correctly so the system is not overworked.


American Standard furnaces are equipped with hot surface igniters so the burners will start automatically. They use less fuel but still deliver maximum heat.

Ductless Systems

For ductless heating and cooling, we will install an American Standard mini split system. They come in a range of sizes to suit any space.

Heat Pumps

Despite their name, American Standard heat pumps will deliver you efficient and reliable heating and cooling. We can also team your heat pump with a furnace to provide you with even heating.

Thermostat Systems

There are two categories of American Standard thermostats — smart and traditional. Smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home externally, and many of the traditional thermostats have the ability to program the desired temperatures to a schedule.

HVAC Zoning

HVAC zoning allows you to adjust and monitor the temperature in each zone of your home.  This gives you total control over your family’s heating and cooling needs.

We are your local HVAC technicians who are experts in the installation of American Standard HVAC systems and products in Charleston, SC. Contact us for your professional installation.

Why Hire the Professionals at AirMax?

We are locally based and family-owned and operated. This gives you peace of mind that we have local knowledge of Charleston, SC. All of our technicians are highly trained professionals who are passionate about providing you with exceptional customer service and satisfaction. 

We understand the heating and cooling requirements in this part of the country, so we are able to provide you with the best service and advice available.

Our technicians are experts in both commercial and residential services. There’s no one more qualified than AirMax Heating & Air in Charleston, SC.

What Services Do We Offer?

We are the company to call for all of your HVAC services. We provide:

Full-Service Installation, Replacements & Repairs

Whether it’s a new installation or a replacement of your existing system, we can do the job. If you need emergency repairs, call us for an efficient and fast repair on your HVAC system. 

Maintenance & Club Membership

Maintenance is an important part of keeping your American Standard HVAC system running smoothly. To help you keep on top of your HVAC maintenance, we offer club membership with a range of fantastic benefits and perks.


Annual tune-ups will ensure your HVAC is running at peak performance.

Air Quality Services

Every home and business could use improved air quality. American Standard HVAC systems have exceptional air quality products to help you achieve cleaner air.

AirMax Heating & Air is committed to providing you with the best HVAC systems available. We provide installation, repair, maintenance, tune-ups, and superior air quality services for your American Standard HVAC systems.

American Standard Brand Installations Near Charleston, SC

You will love your American Standard HVAC system just as much as we love installing them. We are proud to deliver you exceptional heating and cooling services in Charleston, SC.

Call AirMax Heating & Air today to schedule your HVAC installation. We will keep you comfortable all year round.

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