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3 Household Products Polluting Your Indoor Air Quality

September 4th, 2020 | Indoor Air Quality IAQ, Tips & Tricks

When it comes to air quality, some of the most knowledgeable people are those who own an air conditioning service in Charleston. The Charleston metro area is home to more than half a million people, and clean indoor air is essential—especially during pandemics like COVID-19. What homeowners don’t always realize is that it’s not just the outside air and the germs we are breathing that can lower our indoor air quality. Many of the standard household products we use daily are wreaking havoc on our lungs. Cleaning Products- People are stocking up on cleaning products such as Lysol, bleach, and sanitizer; however, those who own an air conditioning service in Charleston are finding that these products are lowering the air quality and irritating allergies. Scented products are even more because of the added irritants and chemicals. Paint- Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are dangerous, and almost everyone has experienced a headache from fresh paint. Gasses given off by paint are toxic, and if your home is not adequately ventilated, and you paint the interior, you could make your family sick. Aerosols- Anything you spray from cleaning products to hair spray and other beauty supplies, harms the air quality. Air fresheners are one of the worst because so many people have allergies triggered by certain smells such as pine, balsam, cinnamon, and more that are common scents for aerosol sprays. Candles can also be an irritant for many and put off smoke that pollutes the air. One of the ways that homeowners can combat the diminished air quality caused by these conventional household products is by ensuring they are keeping up with maintenance from an air conditioning service in Charleston. Getting annual duct cleanings, changing your air filter, and other regular maintenance will ensure that your air system is working efficiently and your family is staying safe. If you need to schedule maintenance for your HVAC system, call AirMax of Charleston at 843-614-3276.


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