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Achieve The Perfect Temperature for Your Office 

June 3rd, 2020 | Cooling & Heating

South Carolina has beautiful weather throughout the year, and most people love the coastal life because of the warm temperatures. However, with temperatures that can quickly climb over 80°F and high humidity being the norm, you should have an air conditioning repair in Charleston company on your company speed dial. Call centers and office buildings are packed full of people who are all generating body heat along with office equipment such as computers and printers that all produce heat. When your air conditioning is broken, temperatures in the office can quickly escalate past the outdoor temperatures and become dangerous for your employees. What’s the Ideal Office Temperature? According to the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, office environments should be kept between 68°F and 76°F with humidity set between 20 percent and 60 percent. This temperature range seems broad and with so many people packed into an office, it may be hard to agree on a setting that makes each person comfortable. Most office managers set their office thermostat to 72° since it is the perfect middle ground of the recommended range. You might find that your employees are trying to change the thermostat on the sly when they aren’t comfortable; however, this practice can cause wear and tear on your central air unit due to the constant up and down of the blower motor and change in temperature setting. Consider putting a cover with a lock over the thermostats to reduce our frequency of having to call someone who does air conditioning repair in Charleston regularly. When temperatures start to climb higher inside, and the central air is not able to cool the building efficiently, it’s time to call your Air conditioning repair in Charleston company to assess. Keeping the temperature too low when temperatures outside are soaring can also cause the unit to be overworked and in need of repairs. Make sure to consult with your company policy as well as your HVAC unit manufacturer to ensure you are efficient with your central air settings. Does your office need air conditioning repair in Charleston? Call AirMAX at 843-595-8273 or contact us to request an estimate.


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