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Basic AC Service You Can Perform Yourself

November 7th, 2020 | Cooling & Heating

Homeownership is a large investment that can create significant monthly bills. Along with the mortgage, property tax, and homeowner’s insurance, the maintenance you must have done on your home and systems can often be surprising and something homeowners are not prepared to deal with. One of the most expensive systems in your home is the central heating and cooling. Luckily, there is basic air conditioning service you can perform yourself, without the professionals.

  1. Cleaning the Outdoor Unit- All you need to remove debris and clean the outer unit of your cooling system is a screwdriver or wrench, and a wet/dry vacuum. Turn the breaker to the AC off and then simply remove the fasteners or screws from the grill of the condenser or compressor unit and lift it off. Use the wet-dry vacuum or your hands to remove any debris such as sticks and fallen leaves from the unit.
  2. Change the Blower Filter- You should change your filter at least twice per year during your air conditioner service maintenance for spring and fall; however, make sure to check the filters monthly. Environmental conditions, pollution, and dust levels can clog up your filter earlier than expected. You should be able to easily pull out the old filter and push a new one in, just make sure the airflow direction arrows are pointed towards the unit.
  3. Straightening Fins- The fins on the exterior unit can be bent when the debris is caught inside. The fins are made from soft, flexible metal that is easy to bend back into place using a putty knife or butter knife. Bent fins cause reductions in airflow so you should be sure to look for damage when completing air conditioning service.

Air conditioner components can be complicated and when our AC is not working correctly, sometimes calling in the professionals is best, and warranties often require biannual professional maintenance schedules to be completed.

If you are interested in scheduling your air conditioner maintenance for winter, call AirMAX Today at 843-595-8273.


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