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Four Tips to Increase AC Efficiency

December 9th, 2020 | Cooling & Heating

Everyone in the world is under financial stress and rising utility bills never help. Many people in Charleston have their HVAC systems running for most of the year whether it is to reduce humidity, cool, or sometimes heat their home. If you want to decrease your utility bills while keeping your home comfortable all year round, you need to increase your AC efficiency and our AC company in Charleston has tips on how you can do it. 


  • Regular Maintenance- The best way to increase your AC efficiency is to ensure you are keeping up on the maintenance schedule recommended by your AC company in Charleston. Maintenance technicians can fix minor issues you might not notice before they become big issues. 
  • Clean HEPA Filters- Air filters need to be changed at least every three months, but some systems need new filters more often. HEPA filters are the best for indoor air quality and increasing system efficiency. 
  • Insulation- Having the proper insulation is vital to making sure your energy usage is efficient. Insulation keeps the warm or cool air to ensure the temperature stays consistent. When a home is not airtight, the HVAC systems will need to work harder to keep the home cooled or warmed to your settings. 
  • Fan Mode- When your insulation is great, you do not always need to run the air or heat constantly to keep the temperature consistent. However, keeping the fans blowing and air moving can help with humidity issues and keeping the air fresh. You can also consider having ceiling fans installed to keep air circulating throughout the home. 


Keeping your energy bills low and your HVAC system running maximum efficiency is what every AC company in Charleston hopes to help their clients achieve. These four tips for increasing AC efficiency are easy and affordable for most homeowners. Sometimes, however, your AC will need a professional touch to get things running optimally. 

When you need an AC tune-up to increase efficiency, call AirMax at 843-595-8273.


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