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How Much Does Central Air Cost?

July 7th, 2020 | Cooling & Heating

Central Air: How Much Does It Cost Me?

Are you ready to ditch the window air units and cool your house efficiently? Window air units can be great for cooling small apartments or just one room at a time, but during the height of summer in South Carolina, you’re going to want your entire house to be cool and that’s where Central AC service comes in handy.

Many people are nervous to have central AC installed because of the upfront cost as well as the risk of increased electric bills. However, what homeowners don’t know is that a central HVAC system can actually be much more cost-effective over the long term.

What Does Installation of Central AC Cost?

The installation cost for central HVAC systems is going to vary between AC service companies; however, the national average is around $5,500. There are many components that can increase or decrease the cost including if you need ductwork installed or extended, the size of your house, and more. The type of Central AC—Split air-conditioning system or Packaged central air system, will also impact price.

The average cost of a 3-ton system is $3,800 while a 14-SEER system can run $6,000. Window air units are only a few hundred dollars at most. However, the cost of running your central AC compared to having window units in each room is much less.

Window AC vs Central Air Running Cost

A window air unit can use up to 1500 watts to run while the typical average-sized central AC service will use up to 3,500 watts. This means that if you run more than two window air units in your home, they will cost the same or more than your central air. Many homeowners find that their digital thermostats connected to the central AC service allow them to regulate the temperature of their home on a schedule rather than continuously running like window or wall units.


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