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Prevent Your AC Unit from Freezing Up

March 2nd, 2020 | Cooling & Heating

Air Conditioning Repair | One of the first things most people think when their AC unit is on the blinks is that the unit is frozen or freezing up. It’s the only logical explanation, right? There are several reasons an air conditioner may freeze up. Some reasons are more common than others. However, certain air conditioning service tips could help prevent your AC from freezing.

Why Does an Air Conditioner Freeze Up?

An AC unit will typically freeze because Freon expands to a greater degree than it should. This leads to the coils being abnormally colder than they should be. Another cause could be that something is stopping the transfer of air to heat within the system. Both instances cause the coils to reach a temperature that is below freezing and lead to an AC unit that freezes up.

Here are a few other common causes that lead to Air Conditioning Repair

1. Not Enough Refrigerant

When an AC is low on Freon, it continues to expand as it does when operating with adequate amounts of refrigerant. The more it expands, the cooler it becomes. Once the AC’s coil reaches a temperature below freezing, moisture levels on the coil produce ice, which results in freezing.

2. Mechanical or Technical Failures

Any issues with coils, lines, fans, and other AC mechanisms could lead to freezing. Regular air conditioning repair calls check the unit for clogged filters, faulty drains, and more. These are issues that may cause a change in the system pressure and lead to freezing of the AC.

3. Faulty Air Flow of Evaporator Coil

A split AC is designed to absorb heat from the home or space and lower the temperature. If it is failing to blow as it should the heat exchange doesn’t facilitate properly. This causes the temp to constantly decrease and the unit to freeze.

Air Conditioning Repair Professionals

Air conditioning repair may or may not be required when the AC unit freezes. It is recommended to maintain a regular maintenance schedule to decrease the risk of malfunctions, such as a freezing unit. Contact the professinals at AirMax today!


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