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Safe Temperatures for Children & Seniors

May 26th, 2020 | Cooling & Heating, Tips & Tricks

The hot summer months are fast approaching, and iced tea, a fan, and a porch swing won’t relieve the coastal heat and humidity coming to South Carolina. While young, healthy, adults might be able to withstand the heat comfortably, there are vulnerable members of our society that can experience adverse health effects when they must endure high temperatures. Air conditioning is often considered a luxury but can save the life of your grandparents and children when temperatures get too high. Air conditioning repair in Charleston isn’t always cheap, which is why some homeowners want to wait until temperatures become dangerous before making repairs.

Safe Temperatures for Children

Once temperatures begin to reach 90°F, caution must be taken when outdoors. Doctors consider 90°F to be when temperatures begin to feel uncomfortable; however, when temperatures reach 100°F, this is when the weather is deemed hazardous and soaring over 110°F is the danger zone.

When in the caution zone, time outside should be limited to short periods, and sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and the appropriate clothing is required. Children should also be sure to remain hydrated. When the temperature is hazardous or dangerous, they shouldn’t be outside at all. Once temperatures in your home start to rise over 80°F, it’s time to consider air conditioning repair in Charleston.

Safe Temperatures for Seniors

Seniors are much more likely to suffer from ailments that are aggravated by intense heat or humidity; however, temperatures don’t have to be 90°F before seniors are at risk. Higher temperatures put more work on our bodies to cool and keep our body temperatures down. Seniors are at risk of heatstroke and heart attack, as well as breathing difficulties when temperatures are too much for them, which is why a home temperature of 68°F and 74°F is recommended for seniors. Once the temperatures in grandma’s home start to hit the mid to high 70s, you should consider air conditioning repair in Charleston.

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