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Should I Use A Dehumidifier In My Home?

September 23rd, 2020 | Cooling & Heating, Tips & Tricks

Summers in South Carolina is hot and humid, and residents rely on their air conditioning to keep them comfortable. However, when the high humidity strikes in Charleston, there is little that even the best AC service can do to prevent some humidity in your home. There is one solution, though—A whole-house dehumidifier.

If you are having trouble with condensation in your home and the walls sweating, a portable dehumidifier for that room may be the first solution that comes to mind. These dehumidifiers are lightweight, plugin, and can be moved from room to room with ease. They pull the water out of the air and collect the water particles in a drip pan that must be emptied.

Your local AC service is always going to recommend a whole-house dehumidifier, however, because they are more efficient. These dehumidifiers are installed directly into the air ducts, which enables them to pull the humidity from the cool air before it ever enters your living space. They are also connected to the AC unit so that when your air is running, the dehumidifier is as well. Not running continuously is a perk that helps to lower your energy consumption, unlike the portable dehumidifiers that run for as long as they are plugged in.

Another great benefit of a whole-house dehumidifier is that they don’t take up any extra space. Portable dehumidifiers are often lightweight and can travel well, but they take up space and can be a tripping hazard, mainly because they have power cords. When your AC service technicians install your whole house dehumidifier, you’ll never know they were there, and never see the components.

Dehumidifiers have a few other benefits, including reducing the strain on your central air unit, improving the comfort and air in your home, and reducing your risk of having a mold outbreak.

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