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A Guide to HVAC Tune-Ups

Air conditioning and heating units are like any other mechanical system, like a car or the human body. They need occasional maintenance, but many only get it done when they notice something wrong. Regularly scheduled HVAC tune-ups keep your system functional and...

Why Is My House So Humid?

Homeowners in South Carolina are familiar with the high heat and humidity that living on the coast brings. No one is surprised when humidity starts becoming a problem, but when it is not being managed properly inside your home, the risk of mold and mildew growth...

What to Look for in a New AC Unit

A new air conditioner is not cheap and often homeowners are under a lot of stress when needing to hire an AC company in Charleston, especially if the unit has unexpectedly stopped working. There is no way to get around the expense of a new AC unit, but there are a few...

Should My AC Be Running 24/7?

One of the questions that a good AC Company in Charleston will get asked about all the time is whether the AC should be running 24/7. The answer to this question is a little tricky because the answer is---only if you want it to run constantly. The air conditioning...


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