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You may have heard of HVAC while looking at home service companies around the Goose Creek area. It’s a term used to describe Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning services – all of the things that keep you comfortable at home throughout the year. 

Your air conditioner keeps you cool in the summer, and when the weather gets cold, your furnace picks up the slack and makes sure you stay cozy. They both work hard, and because of that, they deserve to be taken care of. 

The right HVAC professional knows how to care for your home or commercial HVAC system. With AirMax, you can trust that the most vital systems of your household are given the level of care and expertise you want.

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Cooling Services

You know, living in Goose Creek can get hot and humid during the summer. Your cooling system can keep the temperature in the home at a pleasant level even when it’s sweltering outside. If that’s not what your current air conditioner is doing for you, then you shouldn’t wait to call AirMAX. We’re the coolest choice to face the hottest of days.  

AC Installation Services

You don’t want to wait for your air conditioner to break down completely before you get a new unit installed. There are a few key warning signs that you can look out for when it comes to AC replacements. The time to upgrade may be now if:

  • The unit is ten years old or older
  • Your AC requires constant repairs
  • The unit is making new noises
  • Your energy costs have gone up for no reason

An air conditioner installation through AirMax is simple and effective. We have a variety of models, both traditional and cutting edge, that are guaranteed to cool you off.

Ductless AC Services

If you’re looking into a new air conditioner system for your household, then you may want to consider making the switch to a mini-split AC. This device is a great option for modern homes in Goose Creek that have been built without a system of ducts, as mini-splits can be installed in any room using just a few tiny holes in the wall. 

They separate your home into “Cooling Zones,” allowing you to save energy by only cooling the spaces that need it. This strategy lowers your energy cost as well as renders your home more environmentally sound.

Heating Services

When it gets cold and potentially snowy in Goose Creek, it’s undeniably a magical sight. The only thing that could make it better is being able to look out at your Winter Wonderland from the confines of a warm and cozy home.

A functioning heat system is not just a matter of comfort but one of safety as well. If you live with babies or older family members, then you need consistent warmth to keep them healthy. AirMax makes sure that heat is accessible for everyone in South Carolina through quality installations when you need them most.

Installing New Furnaces

Heat in the winter is the bare minimum for a pleasant home in Goose Creek. So if that’s not what you’re getting, the odds are good that it isn’t going to get any better. What kinds of things should you be on the lookout for? You should seriously consider getting a new furnace installation if:

  • Your furnace is 15 to 20 years old
  • You’re paying for constant repairs
  • The furnace is operating with new noises or smells
  • Your home is heated inconsistently

The relationship you have with your next furnace is heavily determined by how it’s installed. AirMax understands this, and that’s why every furnace replacement we do in Goose Creek is done correctly.

Heat Pump Installations 

At AirMax, our Charleston HVAC experts like to stay on the cutting edge of HVAC technology. That’s why we offer heat pump installations for any homeowner looking to consolidate their heating and cooling systems. Because that’s the neat thing about heat pumps – despite the name, they’re capable of cooling your home as well as keeping it warm. 

They’re named after how they operate, by pumping heat out of the home when you want it cooler and doing the reverse when you want to warm your space. A heat pump can be a very good friend to you and your household no matter the season.

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Benefits of a Heat Pump

Having one appliance do the job of two is only one of the benefits of installing a heat pump into your home. There’s also a matter of energy efficiency, which you’ll see reflected very quickly in your home utility bills throughout the year. 

Since heat pumps operate using a large external unit, you’ll also save space inside your home if you decide to go with one exclusively. 

Heat pumps are a viable option for anyone looking for easy and uniform cool and warm air, and you can trust AirMax’s local HVAC experts to make sure your heat pump is put in skillfully and effectively.

AirMax Club Membership

HVAC is not a one-and-done kind of thing, and if you’re looking to make a relationship with the best provider in Goose Creek, you may be interested in joining AirMax’s membership program. For a nominal monthly membership, you can get regular services that can cut as much as 30% off your annual energy bill.

Some of the other perks include priority service and discounts on everything from duct cleaning to routine repairs – and that’s just to name a few! So if you want to make sure your home’s HVAC is taken care of for the long term, become a member today.

AirMax: Your Local HVAC Professional

For the past 20 years, AirMax has worked to be the most qualified HVAC contractor in the Lowcountry area. We’ve stayed in town and remained family-owned and operated because the community is a core aspect of every part of our business. 

The homes in Goose Creek are a vital part of a vibrant community, and because of that, we believe that they deserve the MAX: MAXimum Service, MAXimum integrity, and MAXimum comfort. 

So if you need cooler cooling and warmth you can really cuddle up with – relax, you’ve found AirMax!

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