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At AirMax Heating & Air, keeping homes near Johns Island, SC, comfortable year-round is our passion and specialty. When you’re looking for HVAC professionals with the experience to handle everything from AC installation and duct cleaning to the geothermal heating options in between, AirMax is it!

Our family-owned and operated business is a trusted partner in HVAC repair and indoor air quality evaluations. Our attention to detail and dedication to creating an exceptional customer experience makes us a one-stop source for heating and air solutions.

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Comprehensive AC Installation, Repair, and Replacement

When the temperatures rise near Johns Island, SC, the last thing you want to deal with is a faulty air conditioner. Fortunately, AirMax is only a phone call away, whether it’s time for routine maintenance, repairs, or a new AC installation.

We recommend that homeowners have their AC unit inspected and maintained at least once a year. That ensures that the unit functions properly when the weather takes a turn for the extreme.

Regular maintenance can also extend the life of an AC unit. That saves homeowners from having to replace the system before its expected expiration date.

Keeping up with AC repairs is also an excellent way to cut down on energy costs. A well-functioning system comes with the benefit of lower bills each month.

If it is time to perform an HVAC replacement, the technicians at AirMax have the expertise to work across various models and systems. Whether homeowners are in the market for a mini-split AC or require a new unit with upgraded air filtration systems, we’ve got you covered. Are you hoping to install ductless air conditioning? We do that, too!

Furnace Installation & Heating Repair Services

The weather near Johns Island, SC, has a way of fluctuating drastically with the season. It’s essential to keep your AC in top condition for hot days. It’s just as vital to keep your furnace tuned up for colder weather moments that come around.

At AirMax, our team of qualified technicians is always ready to handle the call when customers are counting on us for furnace installation and repairs. We understand that a fully functioning furnace and heating system isn’t a luxury but a necessity for homeowners.

Our team has extensively trained to work with a variety of heating systems. We cater to customers whose homes feature everything from a furnace and heat pump to boilers and beyond.

Scheduling preventative maintenance for your furnace is an excellent way to save money on replacements down the road. Tune-ups don’t take much time and can help homeowners save on energy and monthly spending.

During a furnace tune-up, our technicians will take time to look at every detail. From filter changes and thermostat checks to system lubrication, we handle it all so homeowners can enjoy peace of mind.

Making Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) A Priority

The air you breathe in your home near Johns Island, SC, shouldn’t be cause for concern. Homeowners deserve to know that the air quality in their residence is at an acceptable level year-round.

At AirMax, we make finding HVAC near me simple, no matter what the issue may be. Beyond tune-ups and repairs, we also take time to perform indoor air quality checks. These prioritize high safety and health standards in homes at all times.

Proper air circulation in a home is critical to keep harmful contaminants at bay. A faulty air circulation system can encourage mold and bacteria growth. It could also allow elements like smoke and allergens to increase in the air.

Customers who call AirMax for issues related to indoor air quality will find our team is passionate about protecting those we serve. We take time to evaluate air quality and circulation systems to pinpoint specific problems.

From here, we can design customized solutions that work in your home. From air purifier installation to UV lights that kill bacteria in air ducts, we have the tools and knowledge to handle it all.

Everyone has a right to clean, healthy, and breathable air. To this end, we’re proud to provide air quality services to residential customers and local businesses alike.

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From regular maintenance and repairs to AC and furnace installation, the AirMax Heating & Air team has your back!

Reach out today to learn more about our many services or to schedule your next appointment. You can let us know how we can help using our simple online form. Once you do, rest assured that our technicians are on the way. We can’t wait to hear from you, and our team looks forward to earning your business!

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