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Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home all year round is an important part of keeping your family happy and healthy. That is why having top-notch heating and air conditioning is so crucial. If you can’t rely on your heat and air systems, you’re keeping your family and friends in a less than desirable environment.

Having heat and cooling systems that are working at peak performance is essential for reasons other than comfort. When your home’s temperature is well maintained, and these systems are functioning correctly, it cuts your home’s energy costs significantly, saving you loads of money.

Being a family-owned company, AirMax Heating & Air knows the importance of having a comfortable home or workplace. That is why our professionals are committed to keeping your indoor environment warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

For more than 20 years, AirMax Heating & Air has provided the North Mt. Pleasant, SC, area with high-quality heat and cooling services to homes and businesses.

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Why Is It Important To Have Quality HVAC Care?

Your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are vital to keeping your home clean and hospitable. When your air is clear and your home’s temperature is well-maintained, you can breathe easy at night knowing your family is comfortable. 

Benefits of quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning include the following:

  • Keeps your home warm in cold weather
  • Maintains cool air during warm summer months
  • Improves your home’s indoor air quality
  • Lowers your home’s energy costs

AirMax Heating & Air provides some of the best HVAC repair and installation in the Charleston area, with experienced professionals and innovative solutions to your heating and air conditioning needs. If you’re looking for HVAC near you on this side of the Palmetto State, look no further than AirMax Heating & Air.

Air Conditioning Service

Few things feel better than coming inside on a hot summer day and feeling clean, cool air on your skin. AirMax Heating & Air understands just how crucial your air conditioning is, which is why they specialize in cooling system needs for folks in North Mt. Pleasant, SC. With services that include mini-split AC units and ductless air conditioning, your home’s unique AC system is in great hands.

Here are some signs your air conditioning unit needs servicing: 

  • Your AC unit is more than ten years old
  • Airflow from vents feels warm
  • There is a musty smell in the air
  • The AC unit is making loud noises
  • Airflow from the unit is weak
  • There is water leaking or pooling around the cooling unit
  • Your energy costs have gone up
  • Temperatures throughout your home are not consistent

AirMax Heating & Air contractors are skilled in air conditioning repairs and regular maintenance, such as duct cleaning. Remember that your AC is an air filtration system. If your AC system is less than ten years old, our experienced team can salvage it with a quality repair. 

Systems over ten years old may require replacement. Our AC installation experts can set up a brand new cooling unit in your home to make you feel fresh and clean in the most sweltering of heat.

Heating Service

You know how important it is to have adequate heat in the winter for those who live in colder climates. Our team of expert HVAC technicians specializes in quality HVAC services that include furnace installation and geothermal heating. 

If your home’s current heating system is no longer meeting your needs, you’ll be thrilled with AirMax Heating & Air’s top-tier HVAC replacement services.

Signs that your heating system needs service include the following:

  • Your heater is more than ten years old
  • The thermostat needs to be consistently adjusted
  • The furnace’s burner flame turns yellow
  • Your unit makes loud, unusual noises 
  • Your heater has short cycles, going on and off intermittently
  • The air in your home seems fuzzy or hazy
  • The temperature throughout your home is inconsistent
  • It has been over a year since your last heating system inspection

Our highly trained contractors at AirMax Heating & Air can provide everything from UV lights to geothermal heat pumps to ensure that your home’s individual heating needs are met. Whether it be routine maintenance or extensive repair, you can count on our Charleston-based professionals to keep you cozy, even in the coldest of months.

Why Should You Choose AirMax For Your Heating and AC Needs?

AirMax Heating & Air contractors are professionals committed to providing customers with only the highest quality HVAC repairs and installations. With extensive experience and training, you can rest assured that our licensed contractors will treat your space in North Mt. Pleasant, SC as if it were their own. 

By ensuring that your home or workplace’s HVAC systems are properly serviced, our dependable professionals can help you achieve maximum comfort in all of your indoor areas. Don’t waste your time googling “HVAC near me.”

Call AirMax today to get your home’s heat and cooling units at peak performance!

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