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Keep your air conditioning running reliably all summer with quality repairs from AirMax. A little work now will go a long way in protecting your unit’s efficiency and longevity.\

Proper maintenance on your air conditioner from year to year can help you stay comfortable and breathe cleaner air while you are beating the summer heat.

Schedule an AC tune-up today to keep your unit from experiencing an untimely breakdown later in the season.  

When your air conditioning unit is starting to show signs of trouble, call AirMax for professional and immediate AC repair. No matter the issue, our trained technicians will get to the bottom of it and provide you with cost-effective solutions for repair.

When repair won’t do the trick, we can show you AC installation options that are right for your comfort needs and budget. 

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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Maybe your air conditioner is taking a little longer to cool down your home this summer than it did last summer. Perhaps you have noticed it kicks on more often or certain rooms just aren’t getting cooled like the rest of the house. Cooling repair needs can be glaringly obvious or more subtle, and it can be difficult to know when to have yours checked.

Here are some signs your unit needs repair sooner rather than later:

Airflow is low

If you can barely detect airflow from your vents while the unit is on, something is off. If changing out the air filter doesn’t help, you may need a repair to get the air properly flowing again.

Energy costs have spiked.

High energy bills could be a sign that your air conditioner isn’t working as efficiently as it used to. Have your unit checked to save money on your monthly bills.

Uneven temperatures throughout the home.

If certain rooms are staying warm despite the vents being open, there may be an issue with your ducts. An air conditioning repair technician can inspect your vents and remedy the issue.

Air quality is poor.

Part of an air conditioner’s job is to filter the air in your home. If you have noticed excess dust floating around or your allergies are worse than normal, your air conditioner or ventilation system could be the culprit. Breathe easy again with a simple repair or deep cleaning from a qualified professional.

The unit is leaking fluid.

Fluid should never be leaking from your air conditioner, whether inside or outside. Outside leaks could be coolant, which should be addressed by a professional right away. This fluid could be toxic for you, your pets, and the environment. Indoor leaks could be happening due to a condensation pan overflow or crack. A repair technician can check for damage and clogs around the pan to solve this problem.

Musty or burning smells from vents.

Musty scents could indicate an issue with bacterial growth in your vents. A professional duct cleaning can help eliminate this imposing smell. Burning smells are more indicative of a part malfunction within the unit. Wires may burn out over time and need replacing.

Loud noises coming from the unit.

If you hear banging, knocking, or grinding sounds coming from your unit when it is running, turn it off immediately and call a professional for repairs. The belt may have gotten loose, or another part may be wearing out. Continuing to run the air conditioning under these conditions may cause further damage that is irreparable, requiring an expensive replacement rather than a simple repair.

Call A Local, Trusted Professional like AirMax

The sooner you call AirMax for repair service, the sooner we can restore your unit to optimum functioning once again. Air conditioning issues don’t usually resolve on their own. Before they get any worse, have them checked by one of our certified air conditioning technicians.

If your air conditioner stops working on the hottest day of summer, we will promptly show up for emergency repair or replacement service. Experience maximum comfort this summer with assistance from AirMax.

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