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If your air conditioner has worked well for many years, but has now begun to make strange noises, leak, or produce lukewarm air, it may be time for you to consider a replacement with AirMax.

We have been working with families in the Charleston area for 20 years and counting, helping them find cooling solutions that are convenient and affordable. How can we help you, today?

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When Do You Need a Replacement?

Technically speaking, almost any problem that occurs in an air conditioning system can be fixed. However, the question is not often “can it be fixed?” but “is it worth the money?” When there are multiple problems in the system, or there is a problem that can only be fixed at great expense to the homeowner, an AC replacement becomes an option to consider.

After air conditioners are 10 years old or older, many different parts can break down at the same time. Additionally, some types of AC repair can be significantly more expensive than others. Some of the most expensive repairs for air conditioning units are evaporative coil repairs, compressor replacements, condenser fan motor repairs, and refrigerant leak repairs. If any of these components need to be repaired in your system, prepare for your technician to recommend a replacement instead.

If your last AC installation was more than 8 years ago, your AC is probably not built to today’s efficiency standards. Technology improves rapidly, and current models can offer significant changes when it comes to your energy bill. You may also want to check to see what type of refrigerant your system uses. If your system still uses Freon, consider replacing it with a system that uses Puron instead. This type of refrigerant is considered by the EPA to be a better option, and most newer models use Puron.

Finally, you can consider a replacement for your AC if you are experiencing cold or hot spots throughout the home, your air conditioner is no longer blowing out cold air, and the system is having a hard time bringing your home to the desired temperature, or your system is running constantly. Our team at AirMaxcan inspect your system during an AC maintenance appointment to see how old it is, how many repairs it will need in the near future, and how expensive these repairs will be. We always make honest recommendations, and we will never recommend a replacement until it is clearly the best choice.

Choosing AirMax for Your Replacements

When choosing a company for your air conditioner replacements, there are many things to consider. We try to be everything that our customers would want from an HVAC company. This always starts with open communication with each person that walks in or dials our number. Understanding our customers’ needs is crucial in helping them decide whether a replacement is necessary. Our clients in Charleston have come to trust us for our knowledgeable and compassionate recommendations.

Another vital piece of our excellent communication is our straightforward pricing. During each AC tune-up or inspection, we are upfront about the cost of repairs vs replacement, and the price that we quote you is the price that you will pay when the work is done. You will never have to worry about hidden costs or surprises when you work with us.

Your Trusted AC System Specialists in Charleston

We believe we are one of the friendliest group of heating and cooling professionals in the area. We are like a family, and we treat each of our customers like family too. We offer affordable cooling repair and replacement services, and we always show up with a smile. When you are dealing with AC problems, we want to be a bright spot in your day.

We are excited to serve other families in the Charleston area.

With a passion for hard work and a dedication to improving the lives of our community, you are making the right decision by choosing AirMax for your replacements. Call us today to find out more. We’d love to hear from you!

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