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If you have been looking for an alternative cooling solution for your home, you may have heard about mini-split ductless air conditioning systems.

At AirMax, we install and service mini-split ac systems, and we are excited to help you with your decision to have this type of system installed in your home. If you think your family could benefit from this type of system, you can always call our friendly team.

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What is a Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

A mini-split ductless AC is a compact unit that contains a small indoor unit called the evaporator fan coil, and the outdoor compressor. The two are connected by a refrigerant line and an electrical wire. This type of system is an alternative to air conditioners that use ductwork to operate. Mini-splits are completely stand-alone and can be installed in any room in the house.

There are many benefits to a mini-split ac installation. These systems are extremely efficient because they eliminate the need for ducts. Ductwork can be the source of air loss which can cause your AC to work harder to sufficiently cool your home. No cold air is lost during the operation of a ductless system.

Additionally, these units can be installed in multiple rooms, allowing for superior zone control. One outdoor system can connect to up to four indoor units, which can be placed anywhere and set at any temperature. Mini-split systems can also be used during the winter as a heater, making them a good year-round option.

Should I Have a Mini-Split System Installed?

Not every home is a good candidate for a mini-split system, but many homes are. If you have no ductwork in your home, a ductless system may be your first consideration. They can also be great for additional rooms that are not connected to the ductwork. If you have an add-on, a garage or a basement that doesn’t have ductwork, installing a mini-split system in this area can be a great idea. A mini-split may also be a good choice for homes that need more specific temperatures in different areas of the home.

Installation Process

Mini-split installation can be extremely fast and easy. When a technician arrives at your home, they will simply need to drill a small hole in order to feed the refrigerant line and electrical wires through. You will need no other modifications to your home unless your current electrical setup is not adequate for this type of installation.

Indoor units can be installed anywhere that is convenient for you. They can be installed on the ceiling, recessed into the wall or ceiling, or placed on the floor. Your technician can help you come up with an installation plan that will maximize the efficiency and attractiveness of the system.

Mini-Split Systems VS Window Units

Many people confuse a mini-split system with a window unit. We generally recommend a mini-split system when our customers are in need of AC installation because it is more efficient and quieter than a window unit. They also provide heating and cooling, making them more multifunctional. Window units can also add moisture to a room which is a downside in a humid climate such as North Charleston, while ductless systems also dehumidify the room. Finally, mini-splits also take up less space and do not obscure a window.

Choosing AirMax, Your Local Mini-Split Specialists

If you have decided to install a ductless system in your home, your next step is to choose a company for the installation. We have worked tirelessly for over twenty years to provide the best installations and AC repair near me. Our family-owned company requires each of our technicians to be NATE certified so that you can be sure you are getting the very best services.

We are on time, leave your house as clean as we found it, and we offer honest and affordable pricing. Call us today to find out about our mini-split services in Charleston.

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