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If it’s been a while since you’ve scheduled preventative maintenance for your heating system, it is definitely not providing ideal comfort. It’s also costing you more to operate. As performance decreases, energy consumption rises. And you may be headed toward some serious repairs, or even full system failure. In order to enjoy maximum efficiency and temperature control from your heating equipment, professional maintenance is critical. It’s a simple, straightforward and cost-effective solution, and AIRMAX will tailor a service plan to answer your specific needs and budget.

Heating System Maintenance

Your heating equipment cannot sustain perfect operation season after season without professional care. Neglect leaves your furnace susceptible to breakdowns. A smoothly running system will provide superior comfort, last longer, ward off the majority of malfunctions, and cost less to operate. You’ll also enjoy cleaner, healthier air quality throughout your home. A convenient and cost effective service plan is your very best investment when it comes to your furnace.

As homeowners strive to reduce energy waste through caulking, weather-stripping, and tightening their residences, combustion byproducts are a major health concern. Carbon monoxide and formaldehyde are potential threats. If combustion is not precise, or the heat exchanger is compromised by cracks or holes, a succession of chemical compounds will result and may be introduced into the air your family breathes. Defective heating systems have been linked to fatigue, fitful sleep, nausea, headache, coughing, and trouble concentrating. Through annual inspection, AIRMAX will verify safe operation and promote system longevity.

Dust Control from Furnace Services

Dirt build up may be concealed within the inner workings of your heating service systems. Dust is a big problem for equipment, blocking airflow, forcing your furnace to work much harder, and contaminating breathing air. Clogged equipment leads to much longer run times, overheating, and possible cracks in the heat exchanger. The damp air from the garage or basement can corrode the heat exchanger. These problems must be caught as quickly as possible, not only to ensure safety, but also to protect against full system shutdown. When you trust your equipment to AirMAX, our technicians will complete comprehensive inspection and cleaning, replace any faulty components, and allow your furnace to operate at peak capacity.

A tune-up in the fall will more than pay for itself. Through a customized maintenance plan, the NATE-certified specialists from AirMAX will take on the worry, responsibility, and upkeep of your system. We’ll uncover small problems, replace worn parts, and safeguard against bigger, more extensive repairs. Regular check-ups promote dependability, longevity and affordable operating. Your heating system will essentially be restored to original sound levels, heating capacity, and efficiency. Preventative maintenance from AirMAX is an investment in safety, dependability, and home comfort.

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AirMAX is an excellent HVAC company. Our family has used them in our 3 homes in the Charleston/Kiawah area for years. From maintenance to new systems. They are very professional, responsive, and do excellent work. They explain all options and are very reliable. I'm sure you can find someone cheaper if you want but to do it right you cannot go wrong with AirMAX.Peter L.
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