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It’s not enough to pick out a durable, efficient, and meticulously engineered product. If it’s not installed properly, even the most dependable heating system will suffer frequent repairs, energy losses, and shortened lifespan. When the trust installation of your new furnace to AIRMAX, our licensed technicians draw on years of experience, factory training, and in-depth product knowledge to provide a perfect and seamless completion of your project. Our technicians have validated their comprehensive knowledge through NATE-certification exams, and keep current on the increasingly complex system design.

Oversized equipment raises overall operational costs. Because it is too large for space, the unit reaches temperatures too quickly. This results in frequent starts and stops, never allowing the system to achieve peak performance levels, adding wear and tear to components, and sometimes leading to overheating. Too small is no better. The heating system will run constantly but fail to answer the challenge of severe cold weather. AIRMAX will accurately size your new furnace to comply with energy codes, match requirements of existing ductwork, and ensure consistent comfort throughout your home.

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Innovations in heating technology have satisfied consumer demand for superior heating capacity and reduced energy consumption. A gas furnace manufactured twenty years ago averaged an AFUE rating of around 65%. Not only is that far below the allowable minimum, but many state-of-the-art gas furnaces also achieve 98% AFUE or higher, reaching near-total efficiency. Variable-speed blower technology, fully insulated cabinets, two-stage gas valve, stainless steel heat exchanger, and a long list of convenient and rewarding features make modern alternatives a wise and satisfying investment.

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AirMAX provided excellent service as they installed a new HVAC system in my historic home. Rudy and his team were communicative, prompt, reliable, and courteous. I appreciated the time they took to design the system as well as their attention to detail during the installation. They were extremely responsive and sensitive to all questions and concerns, making a months-long installation very smooth and problem-free.Jason R.
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