Dual-Fuel / Hybrid Systems

Dual-Fuel / Hybrid HVAC Systems

Providing an Economical Solution for Heating and Cooling with DualFuel Systems

Dual fuel systems are also known as hybrid systems because they serve as two systems in one. AirMAX offers dual fuel systems to meet the needs of customers who want both an electric heat pump and a gas furnace in one convenient hybrid system.

Homes and businesses in the Charleston SC area can benefit from AIRMAX’s dual fuel systems, particularly if they experience temperatures that tend to be above freezing most of the year. These milder times are when the heat pump will efficiently heat the home. For the times when the temps drop below freezing, the heat pump will shut off, and the gas furnace will take over, providing an economical solution to keep the home comfortable year-round.

Heat pumps and gas furnaces each come with pros and cons, and AirMAX’s dual fuel system provides you with the best of both systems – yet it is all in one. While a dual fuel heat pump system tends to cost more than conventional HVAC systems, the cost-savings will come through in lower heating costs, making it worth the initial expense of the dual fuel system purchase.

We are pleased to offer dual fuel systems to our customers and enjoy seeing customers benefit from the convenience and savings these hybrid systems offer. Servicing Charleston, SC, and surrounding cities, for more information about the AirMAX hybrid systems, contact us today.

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