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An unexpected HVAC problem can make you feel hopeless, out of control, and physically uncomfortable in your own home. But it’s easy to get things under control with a team of experts at your service. At AirMax Heating & Air, we’re proud to be that team for homeowners in Charleston, SC. 

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Professional HVAC Repair Service

Although there are several months of great weather in Charleston, SC, residents are used to extremes. Temperatures go from below freezing to nearly 100 degrees just a few months later. These fluctuations put your HVAC to the test. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to ensure their HVAC system is ready for anything.

The best way to do that is to keep up with regular maintenance and to get repairs done as they are needed. Luckily, our team of reliable HVAC repair experts is ready to take on any job. We provide professional care for every part of your HVAC system, from your ductwork and vents to your individual AC and heating units. 

So whether your furnace is making a weird noise, your air conditioner is blowing hot air, or your thermostat is completely unresponsive, you can count on AirMax Heating & Air to make your home comfortable again.  

Air Conditioning Repair 

Coming home to a broken air conditioner in the middle of Charleston, SC, summer is a worst-case scenario for many homeowners. But don’t panic, just pick up the phone and our team of cooling experts will have it fixed in no time. 

At AirMax Heating & Air, we repair any type of air conditioner. Whether your home has central air or a ductless mini-split system, you should call us at the first sign of trouble. 

Oftentimes, there are warning signs before your air conditioner breaks down, including:

  • Strange noises or smells
  • Weak airflow
  • Warm air output 
  • Ice on your unit or coils

Don’t ignore these warning signs or just crank up the AC to try to compensate; this will only exacerbate the problem. Instead, call our team and let us get to the root of the problem. 

Timely air conditioning repair prevents more severe problems from forming and improves your system’s efficiency, saving you even more money on your monthly energy bills. 

Furnace Repair

One of the main reasons homeowners dread calling an HVAC contractor is because they assume it’ll take days to get seen and then even longer for the right parts to come in. 

But at AirMax Heating & Air, we make quick work out of most common furnace problems. In fact, most small problems can be fixed the same day we come out to your house to inspect your system. 

If your furnace does need a replacement part that we don’t have stocked on our trucks, we always source it as quickly as possible to get your home feeling cozy again.

Why Are Prompt Furnace Repairs Important?

A faulty or inefficient furnace could put your family’s safety at risk. Gas furnaces produce carbon monoxide, which is a colorless, odorless gas that can make you and your family severely ill if inhaled. If your gas furnace does not have proper ventilation, carbon monoxide could leak into your home’s air. 

You should visually inspect your furnace regularly for leaks, a discolored pilot light, and signs of damage or advanced corrosion. If you notice any of these, call our team right away. 

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Heat Pump Repair

Many Charleston, SC, homeowners use a heat pump to stay comfortable all year long. They are typically cheaper to operate and require less maintenance, but they are not invincible. Heat pumps experience wear and tear and occasionally break down, just like any other HVAC appliance. 

Some signs that your heat pump is in need of a repair include:

  • Weak airflow
  • Failure to reach the desired temperature 
  • Strange noises or clicking 
  • Frequent cycling 
  • Ice buildup 
  • Skyrocketing energy bills 
  • It’s over 15 years old

If you notice any of these things, our HVAC repair experts can get things back on track. All you have to do is call us.

DIY vs. Professional HVAC Repair

When it comes to HVAC repair, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals. Several different HVAC problems can cause the same symptom. For example, low airflow can be caused by dirty air filters, leaks in your ductwork, a malfunctioning damper, or several other possible causes. 

Without the proper training, tools, and experience, it can be difficult to tell what the true cause of your problem is, especially when there are many different problems and factors in play. 

Additionally, most manufacturer warranties on heat pumps, furnaces, and AC systems dictate that the unit must be serviced by a licensed professional for the warranty to stay intact. 

All of our HVAC technicians are fully licensed, insured, and highly experienced. This means we can locate the cause of your HVAC woes and fix them while keeping the terms of your warranty. 

Join the AirMax Club and Save on Repairs

Many homeowners put off repairs due to the cost. At AirMax Heating & Air, we try to keep things as affordable as possible and always provide upfront and honest estimates for any work before starting. 

But a great way to save even more money is to join our AirMax Club. Membership includes a 15% discount on repairs and a reduced service fee.

For a small annual fee, members also get two complimentary tune-ups for their HVAC system and priority scheduling. 

Relax, You’ve Found AirMax!

A well-maintained HVAC system can last for over 20 years, but it’ll still need a repair every now and then. Choosing the right team of HVAC experts to care for your home can help make repair and service calls few and far between.  At AirMax Heating & Air, we are proud to be Charleston’s premier source for reliable HVAC repair.

Whether you need a simple air conditioning repair or a total HVAC replacement, when you need it done right, you can count on AirMax Heating & Air. Give us a call today to schedule an HVAC repair appointment. 

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