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Indoor Air Quality Services Near Charleston, SC

Your HVAC system is responsible for temperature control and keeping you comfortable within your home. While most homeowners understand the importance of having access to a functioning heating and cooling system, the overall indoor air quality is often overlooked.

Even if your AC is blowing ice-cold air into your home, that air may be packed full of contaminants. Those airborne pathogens and other foreign items can make you and your family more susceptible to respiratory disease. Poor indoor air quality can also occur during Charleston’s peak allergy season.

The best way to improve the air quality within your home is to contact AirMax. For over two decades, our professionals have provided Charleston residents with exceptional heating and cooling service. We are a family-owned and operated company that always puts our customers first.

If you want to improve the air quality within your home, AirMax is your local team for the job!

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One of the most effective means of improving overall air quality is through the use of a whole-home dehumidifier. Having excess humidity within your home can have some serious health consequences. The moisture can make you more prone to respiratory illness and serve as a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Not only that, but it can damage your home itself. Excess moisture can affect flooring, wood furniture, and any other wood items in your home.

A humidifier works by controlling the amount of moisture in your home’s air. During Charleston’s humid summer months, the system will pull the excess moisture out of the air. During drier months, your system will run only when needed..

AirMax can retrofit your existing HVAC system with a dehumidifier. We even provide free quotes, so there is no guesswork when investing in indoor air quality services.

Air Filtration Systems

Controlling humidity is an excellent step in the right direction, but it does not address the entire problem. Contaminants can still be sucked into your duct system and distributed throughout your house. To combat these pollutants, you need an air filtration system.

While there are many types of air filtration systems available, one of the most effective is an electronic air cleaner. Contrary to popular belief, the budget air filter found in most homes does very little to combat air pollution. They are intended to block large debris from entering your duct system simply.

On the other hand, an electronic air cleaner will eliminate a high percentage of airborne contaminants from your air supply. This high-efficiency filter is advanced enough to trap pollen, dust, and bacteria. For best results, AirMax recommends pairing this filter with a UV light.

UV Lights

In recent years, UVC lights have become much more common to improve indoor air quality. UV lights work great on their own. When paired with an electronic air cleaner, they are even more effective. That is why AirMax recommends both as part of your home’s air filtration system.

UV stands for ultraviolet light, while the “C” indicates that it emits C-wave light. “C” waves have been determined to be the most effective UV light type for sanitizing the air.

Our professionals will install the light inside your HVAC system’s ductwork. The most common location is just past the air intake vent. Your home’s air will now need to pass through the electronic air cleaner and is then cleansed by UV light. Anything that made it past the filter will be destroyed by UV rays, leaving you with crisp, clean air.

Duct Cleaning Services

Your home’s ductwork is dark and oftentimes damp due to moisture within the cold air that is being circulated. The combination of water and darkness creates an ideal environment for mold and bacteria. For this reason, AirMax recommends that you schedule regular duct cleaning services with our team.

If you have not had your air ducts cleaned in the past 5 years, you should contact our professionals for this affordable service. When we arrive, our team will thoroughly clean your home’s ductwork. We will remove any dirt, mold, and debris. This results in cleaner air throughout your home. If you plan on installing any air purification system, you will also need duct cleaning.

AC Tune-Ups

As mentioned above, AirMax is a genuinely full-service air conditioning and heating company. As part of our efforts to optimize the air quality in your home, we also provide tune-up services. During these maintenance visits, one of our professionals will carefully inspect every aspect of your HVAC system and ensure that it is working at its best.

Since Charleston experiences a broad range of temperatures throughout the year, we recommend two tune-ups per year. The first is referred to as an AC tune-up and focuses on your system’s ability to cool your home. Our professional will handle tasks like swapping out your old air filter and checking your thermostat. They will also perform a function test on your AC and Heating system (heat pump or furnace) and check refrigerant levels. The technician will carefully inspect the wiring, significant components, and more!

AirMax – The HVAC Technicians You Can Trust

If you are ready to take advantage of our exceptional indoor air quality services, you need to contact AirMax today! We offer excellent pricing and free quotes on any service.

When you contact our team, you can expect prompt and professional service every time. Relax, you’ve found AirMax!

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